Why read this report

The client is a leading software engineering service provider running successfully for the past five years. Their mobile and web applications empower businesses to perform better amongst competitors.

With the recent launch of their employee and customer engagement enhancing tool, the client realized the significance of cybersecurity. Primarily, they aspire to secure their applications before deploying them and follow the industry’s best practices and standards.

This report provides an overview of the security capabilities and the identified vulnerabilities in the client’s security infrastructure. The evaluation confirms the client’s compliance with the applicable security laws and regulations. It presents a way for all CISOs and CIOs to assess their organization’s security posture.

Key takeaways:

  • Conduct quality evaluations for all web applications using external penetration testing.
  • Organize Whitebox penetration testing for mobile applications.
  • Assess whether the client has discrepancies with industry standards or other regulatory compliance.



SituationSolutionServices deliveredRecommendationResults


Being a provider of web and mobile applications for years, the client faced challenges with the security of one of its recently launched tools. The tool uses communication and behavioral patterns of the employees and customers to improve the engagement rate. The client’s concern was to evaluate whether the recent and previously developed applications are mapped to the industry’s best practices and standards.

The client approached EC-Council Global Services to analyze the web and mobile applications for any unidentified flaws along with their associated ill-effects. The assigned team was also expected to detect any non-compliance against industry standards and laws.


To fulfill the aspirations of the client, a team of senior consultants at EC-Council Global Services came together to develop an assessment plan. The plan then put to immediate action.

  • The team used specialized tools and techniques for carrying out quality evaluations and reviews.
  • Daily reports of critical findings based on the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) severity ratings were provided to the client.
  • The client was notified about the critical vulnerabilities that could lead to significant negative impacts on their business.
  • The result was further enhanced by checking whether the client complies with the industry’s best practices and security guidelines, such as the OWASP.

Services delivered

The services that were offered in this project include:

External Web Application Assessment (Whitebox)
Mobile Application Assessment (Whitebox)
Source Code Review


Based on the final result, the EGS team provided the client with an overview of the security capabilities and identified the vulnerabilities of their web and mobile applications.

The recommendations for the client were divided into two groups:

  • tactical recommendations for immediate improvement and
  • long-term strategic recommendations for improvement.

Even findings were categorized into low, medium, high, and critical severity ratings. The team also suggested the client with comprehensive remediation procedures.


A final report was presented to the client, along with a prioritized list of recommendations for each finding identified during the assessment process.

As a result of the suggestions, the client was able to patch:

  • 9 percent of vital findings, and
  • 27 percent of high severity findings.


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