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How Does Digital Forensics Work?

Along with the development of information and digital technologies in various fields, we have witnessed a significant increase in cybercrimes. Digital crime investigation, or Digital Forensics, is the art of collecting, preserving, and analyzing digital evidence related to these security incidents. There is a unique set of challenges for those in the field, such as the day-to-day evolution of hacking techniques, the anonymity of cybercriminals, and the fragility of digital evidence. Thus, employing in-depth scientific methodologies in accordance with legal standards is key to an organization’s success during any cyberattack.

Why Is Digital Forensics Important?

The main objective of digital forensics investigators is to help organizations with systemic evidence collection and analysis to identify the critical facts about why and how they get hacked or compromised. If critical data is deleted, whether intentionally or unintentionally, digital forensics can help restore or recover the data. And in cases where the attacker is caught, digital forensics services can assist in charging or prosecuting the attacker using collected digital evidence.

When Is Digital Forensics Used in a Business Setting?

Digital forensics helps organizations ensure their digital assets’ integrity and cyber hygiene. It also significantly helps companies analyze the cyberattacks and identify the attack vectors and their weaknesses to estimate risk and strategize better protection.



Why EGS?

EGS is a best-in-class digital forensic service provider.

  • We know the rules as well as the tools. In addition to industry-proven tools, the EGS digital forensics team employs advanced techniques such as correlation, aggregation corroboration, and systematic interpretation to analyze incidents’ root cause.
  • EGS in-house methodologies offer organization partners a comprehensive timeline based on events of interest, focusing on the 5W’s (what, where, why, when and how) as much as possible.
  • EGS first responders help organizations collect a wide range of digital evidence to provide investigators with a different data source and help them extract a set of best, direct, and circumstantial digital evidence.
  • EGS provides clients with advanced remote data acquisition and forensics investigations to support organizations, regardless of their geographical position.

How EGS Can Help Your Business

  • We can help you search through and analyze huge amounts of data quickly and efficiently.
  • We can recover your business data in case of accidental deletion.
  • We can help you conserve your time and resources to resume other business activities.
  • Our approach, which is streamlined and flexible, can be tailored specifically to your organization.

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