Intelligence-Led Pentesting Services


What Is Intelligence-Led Pentesting?

Intelligence-led pentesting differs from regular pen-testing as it is augmented with threat intelligence. By analyzing the business and technical overview of critical functions supporting systems and the latest hacking tools and techniques, EC-Council Global Services (EGS) can craft attack scenarios that cater to your environment.

It’s important to note that you manually choose what is to be tested in a regular pentest. However, in an intelligence-led pentest, your IT environment is fully analyzed to find critical or weak points, and the pentester decides what is to be targeted (unless you specifically deem elements out-of-scope, of course).

Why Is It Recommended?

Intelligence-led pentesting provides a holistic overview of your cybersecurity defenses instead of the piecemeal results from a regular pentest.

This service is very similar to a real-life attack scenario, mimicking advanced persistent threat actors that have the capabilities to perform deep reconnaissance (or surveillance) of a target environment when seeking critical systems to be targeted.


Who Needs Intelligence-Led Pentesting?

  • Organizations that wish to identify and strengthen weak points in their systems to guard against advanced persistent threat actors
  • Organizations looking to mitigate security risks, avoid cyberattacks and understand the effectiveness of their current security controls
  • Organizations that want to have better insight into threat actors and vectors for their services and networks

Why Should You Consider Intelligence-Led Pentesting?

  • To get an “attacker’s perspective” about your organization’s infrastructure: what they see, how to get in, and the critical targets
  • For a clearer understanding of every testing phase
  • To assess and provide insight into your organization’s resilience capabilities against real-world threat scenarios
  • To determine if your organization has appropriate countermeasures and responses to detect and avert cyberattacks

Our Methodology

Our Methodology

Why EGS?

  • To protect your organization’s infrastructure, our highly experienced penetration testers integrate the latest hacking techniques into your penetration testing test cases to provide the most comprehensive review and analysis of potential attack scenarios possible
  • Our intelligence-led pentesting services are personalized according to your need and budget
  • We offer a detailed and precise report with a meaningful C-level summary of engagement

We Can Help You:

  • Gain a holistic overview of your entire infrastructure’s cybersecurity defenses
  • Test cybersecurity controls against simulated/controlled real-life cyberattacks
  • Get an “attacker’s perspective” about your organization’s infrastructure for creating and adopting security policies and training that reflect your organization current threat landscape
  • Understand the most pertinent security risks to your organization
  • Prioritize the most dangerous security risks and cyber threats in your mitigation strategy

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