Cybersecurity Posture and Maturity Assessment


Aligning with the industry’s best practices for increased ROI

As cyber threats continue to grow in volume and sophistication, it has become more important to have a clear view of your cybersecurity posture and maturity levels.

Cybersecurity Posture is the status of an organization’s ability (information security resources – people, process, and technology) to defend against cyberattacks. The Cybersecurity Posture Assessment includes evaluating the security of an organization’s network and the /effectiveness of its information security resources and capabilities.

Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment is a review of an organization’s Information Security Management System’s maturity and capability to protect the business against applicable cyber risks. Besides evaluating the existing security framework in terms of people, processes, and technology, this assessment will also assist organizations in developing tactical and strategic directions to improve the maturity level of the system and strengthen the security posture.


Why Is It Required?

Most organizations are highly dependent on the Internet and networks to run their daily business.

However, an organization is unaware of the security issues that might result in an attack (from outside or within). Customer information, the organization’s private and confidential data, intellectual property, and information assets might leak out to the public, resulting in huge financial losses and damage to its reputation.

Cybersecurity Posture and Maturity Assessment provides an overall view of the organization’s internal and external security posture and helps improve its security maturity levels to combat the growing cybersecurity risks.

Who Needs It?
  • Organizations that want to understand their internal and external cybersecurity posture or how well they could defend against a potential security attack.
  • Organizations that are required to fulfill compliance, regulatory, and legal obligations.

Why Should You Consider Cybersecurity Posture and Maturity Assessment?

01 – To evaluate gaps in the organization’s cybersecurity capabilities and have them fixed.

02 – To ascertain the adequacy of selected systems’ adequacy controls based on existing and future threat landscapes.

03 – To have a roadmap for improving the organization’s cybersecurity maturity.

04 – To use a standard methodology for benchmarking the organization’s security maturity levels against industry standards.

05 – To understand and be aware of your organization’s cybersecurity maturity levels.

Why EGS?

EGS comprises advisory and technical teams with years of corporate, field, and consulting experience in information security. Our accomplished team allows EGS to demonstrate a vast knowledge of industry standards, benchmarks, and best practices that assure the best solution is offered to our clients. Each consultant assigned to the clients is a noted and published expert in his or her respective fields. Information security and operational risk consulting and advisory is the sole focus of our practice and not the side-line interest of a general consulting company.

As an addition, EGS assigns a team of professionals’ onsite and can make available a much broader team of exceptionally credentialed operational risk and resiliency experts – in business continuity management, IT disaster recovery, emergency, and crisis management, cybersecurity forensics, and crisis media management strategy at our client’s disposal, if required.

Even more broadly, EGS is dedicated to helping organizations protect and enhance enterprise value in an increasingly complex legal, regulatory, and economic environment – with consulting professionals helping anticipate, illuminate and overcome complex business challenges. EGS has the reach and expert resources located globally to provide our clients with broader expertise in this area.


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