Cyber Security Posture Assessment


Cyber-security posture assessment refers to a methodology that transforms and enhances an organization’s risk management capabilities. By performing cyber-security posture assessment, a client organization will have a clear view of the security status and possible security threats within the organization can be identified.

Why do you need Cyber-Security Posture Assessment?

A majority of organizations are highly dependent on the Internet and networks to run their daily business.

However, an organization is unaware of the security issues that might result in an attack (from outside or from within). Customer information, the organization’s private and confidential data, intellectual property, and information assets might leak out to the public––thereby resulting in huge financial losses and damage to the organization’s reputation.

In order to measure the overall cyber-security maturity of the organization, an independent expert assessment of the current state of its information security environment is conducted against global standards and leading industry practices. It is followed by a remediation of the identified gaps and the development of a roadmap for transformation.


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