Cloud Security Services


In recent years, the demand for cloud computing has increased significantly due to its benefits such as low cost of ownership, speed of deployment, and digital transformation projects (for example, DevOps, Agile, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence).

Cloud security services is a vital tool in authenticating user’s data access. The growing sophistication of cloud threats created the need for imminent security provisions to prevent unauthorized access, data compromises, and security breaches.

Cloud security not only ensures that your business remains secure but can also help drive business, increase defenses, and reduce cyber risk. With Cloud Security Services by EC-Council Global Services, you can ensure your clients that your business steers clear of threats looming in the cloud.

EGS provides holistic cloud security services from the business security perspective. The services are extended to comply with the regulations defining the privacy and security of customer data.

What Is Security as a Service in Cloud Computing?


  • Data governance and technology assurance ensures that the security of an organization’s data stored on the cloud remains safe
  • There are potentially new security risks as more latest technologies for cloud computing are introduced
  • Adopting cloud computing means that the applications and systems are exposed to additional security risks when migrating to the cloud.

EGS Approach


What Benefits Do Our Cloud Security Services Provide?

Assessment for cloud migration: Assessing the application portfolio to help with applications suitable for cloud migration.

  • Security Compliance: The impact of cloud security policies and procedures on regulatory compliance, such as PCI-DSS, SOX, and HIPAA.
  • Data Privacy Standards: The effects of data privacy and protection standard and data location/segregation standards
  • Security Posture: The impact on an organizations’ security posture and the likelihood of increased vulnerabilities in various industries – banking, pharmaceuticals, IT/ITES.

Cloud Services Migration Strategy

  • Evaluate vendor capabilities and map the requirements with financial benefits
  • Assessment of a cloud computing provider’s security capabilities, control, and monitoring
  • Review cloud computing architecture, migration, and the operations plan
  • Increase the scope of the existing security framework to include aspects of cloud security computing


  • Periodic security reviews to identify and mitigate security issues related to cloud computing

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