Forensic Services


Computer Forensics is a technique to examine, analyze, extract, and preserve the evidence to determine or identify suspicious/fraudulent events from a digital storage device that can be presented in a court of law. EGS helps clients to understand how an intrusion took place and who should be responsible for the intrusion by utilizing legal evidence found in computers or any digital storage media that pertains to the case.


Why do you need forensics services?

Cybercrimes have increased rapidly due to the evolution of computers and mobile phones. Forensics services are highly recommended and, quite honestly, necessary after any intrusion event takes place. It allows the organization to learn how the intrusion occurred, what the damage was, and who the intruder might be.

EGS has a ready and fully prepared forensics team able to perform an investigation based on the victim organization’s needs including (but not limited to) mobile forensics, computer forensics, and digital forensics.

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