Organizations like yours are investing in more security tools than ever, but attackers continue to outpace technology. According to a recent study, global spending on cybersecurity products and services will top $1 trillion by 2021.

Yet, there is a disconnect between cyber security spending and effective protection. Typically, the majority of spend is to defend against the minority of the attacks. Is that true for your business as well? It’s time for a fundamental re-think, because your people, not your infrastructure, is what attackers target, making them your biggest risk. This change in the threat landscape requires a fresh mindset and a whole new strategy, one that focuses on protecting people.


As businesses shift to the cloud, so have attackers. Cloud infrastructure may be highly secure, but the people who use it are often vulnerable. That’s why today’s attacks exploit human nature rather than technical vulnerabilities and businesses need a multipronged, people-centric cybersecurity strategy.

How to build a 3-Step people strategy to secure your business

STEP 1: STRENGTHEN – Build a robust in-house cybersecurity team that can enable secure and innovative business operations, with EC-Council. We provide the best training and certifications across the globe making us your natural partner to build this internal strength.

STEP 2: COLLABORATE – If your cybersecurity people strategy is tilted towards outsourcing (NOT building in-house teams), go with a trusted vendor-partner like ECC Global Services that has strong capabilities and proven experience in helping organizations protect, detect and respond to Cyber Risks.

STEP 3: SIMULATE – Human error causes 91% of cyberattacks. Strengthen your first line of defense by raising cybersecurity awareness (Simulations + Training) of your human resources with OhPhish (an EC-Council portfolio company).

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