The objective of a pen-test is to raise your business’ level of resilience to risks so that you can monitor, control and manage breaches in addition to minimizing their impact on your organization. Businesses can only fix what they know. A good penetration testing vendor partner can help do just that, assessing the security posture of your business by simulating attacks that malicious hackers would otherwise have attempted.

8 things to consider before you choose your Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing vendor

01 – Ensure that information security is aligned with your core business direction

02 – Avoid potential conflict of interest or various biases that internal security teams often have from testing the same application over and over again

03 – Offer consultancy and recommendation to remediate vulnerabilities that are discovered during the

04 – Provide a cost-effective engagement that fits perfectly into your budget

05 – Produce a detailed and clear report with a meaningful C-level summary of the engagement

06 – Overcome limitations to the creativity of the findings, leave no room for areas to be overlooked based on strong biases and produce unpredictable reporting

07 – Use manual testing more than automated tools to lower false positive rates and accurately test and report business logic vulnerabilities

08 – Has highly experienced and superbly trained team members certified by globally accepted credentialing bodies, like EC-Council

If your Cybersecurity Risk Mitigation Strategy is to outsource VAPT to an external vendor, look no further than EGS. We tick the boxes for all the above considerations and a whole lot more with a safety first approach. EGS deploys industry-accepted pen-testing methodologies, the best trained talents certified by EC-Council, our parent body, and not to forget, open and transparent SLAs with clear, written documentation of findings.

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