Software License Compliance


Software license compliance is a process to identify and audit software and software licensing that is installed within an organization in order to assure that all of them are compliant and genuine. Managing software assets within an organization can be difficult due to the increasing sophistication of software licensing agreements and also a lack of software license management guidelines and standards.


Why do you need Software License Compliance?

Most organizations are unaware of what software is installed in their machine and this can lead to multiple layers of exposure. This is especially true for large organizations that have hundreds of machines in their organization; it is very hard for these organizations to keep track of the updates for their software and licenses. Software Asset Management or Software License Compliance provides a single, integrated view of installed software in order to allow a one-to-one reconciliation between usage and purchase/license records.

A software licensing audit is an efficient and cost-effective approach to improve software or software license distribution in an organization; at the same time, it protects an organization from copyright issues (from a software company).

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