Source Code Review

Protect Your Applications With Secure Code Review

What Is Secure Code Review?

Application-level security is under constant scrutiny. Applications are gradually becoming more interconnected, which means that one application’s vulnerabilities can lead to other applications being exploited.

Critical business applications are often a potential target for cyberattacks because they host a lot of valuable information. Hence, secure code review is important as it provides developers better insight into the security flaws and ensures that the application code is secure.

Secure code review is the process of auditing and finding weak security controls in the source code of an application and remediating them. Areas of controls that a code reviewer covers are authentication, authorization, session management, error handling, encryption, logging, and data validation.

What Do You Mean by a Secured Program?

A secured program is built on software that keeps the program protected from various cyber vulnerabilities and attacks.

Why Do You Need a Secure Code Review?

All software or applications contain risks and vulnerabilities to a certain degree. Attackers are always on the lookout to exploit any vulnerability in an application. Applications that host important business data such as personal and confidential information are especially appealing to attackers.

By performing secure code review, security flaws can be identified and remediated in the last phase of the development process. In other words, it acts as a final review to ensure that your code is secure and your application is ready to go.

Whom Needs It?

  • It is mandatory for industries, such as healthcare and payment processing, to perform source code review as part of the compliance requirement
  • It is for organizations that understand that secure code review is an integral part of the security process before an application is released

EGS Approach to Review a Source Code

EGS adopts a tailored approach to reviewing a client’s business application extensively to ensure that vital security controls are deployed and tested.

Threat Modeling
Identify and report security risks associated with client’s business application

Why EGS?

EGS comprises advisory and technical teams with years of corporate, field, and consulting experience in information security. Identically, our accomplished team allows EGS to demonstrate a vast knowledge of industry standards, benchmarks, and best practices that assure the best solution being offered to our clients. Nonetheless, each consultant assigned to the clients is a noted and published expert in their respective fields. All in all, the sole focus of our practice is information security and operational risk consulting and advisory the side-line interest of a general consulting company.

Additionally, EGS assigns a team of professionals’ onsite and can make available a much broader team of exceptionally credentialed operational risk and resiliency experts. The experts can eventually be from business continuity management, IT disaster recovery, emergency and crisis management, cybersecurity forensics, and crisis media management strategy at our client’s disposal if required.

Broadly, EGS helps organizations protect and enhance enterprise value in an increasingly complex legal, regulatory, and economic environment. At the same time, EGS offers to consult professionals to help anticipate, illuminate, and overcome complex business challenges. EGS has the reach and expert resources located globally to provide our clients with broader expertise in this area.

We are a team of professionally trained, certified, and highly experienced cybersecurity consultants
We have a tailored approach to extensively review your business application and ensure that the needed security controls are deployed and tested
We can help you to detect security vulnerabilities in the last stages of the development phase before you launch your application
We can help you to minimize your application security risk and ensure due diligence to protect your important data from cybercriminals