4 of the Best Encryption Standards for MSSPs
May 13, 2020 EGS
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4 of the Best Encryption Standards for MSSPs

A digitized world needs to secure its data and manage the risks that come with it. Encryption methods such as SHA256, SHA512, MD5 coupled with other security measures can secure data and maintain privacy. MSSPs (Managed Security Services Providers) typically offer a range of enhanced encryption solutions that will help your organization thwart attacks.

Here are 4 of the most effective methods:

1. Secure Your Business with Network Devices

Encrypted Network Devices (routers, switches, security appliances) – These devices encrypt outbound traffic using high-level cryptography. Their design scrambles all data sent across the network. They ensure that intruders cannot sniff out sensitive information using wardriving, MITM, or other types of attacks.

2. Best Packet Identification Methods for Network Analysis

Analyze inbound and outbound traffic using a firewall, IDS, and other packet identification methods. This protects the network from allowing devices other than those authorized to connect and use the network connection.

3. Wi-Fi Security

If your organization uses Wi-Fi, consider its placement on a segregated network (DMZ) for added privacy and safety. Depending on the specific needs of your organization, you may have multiple networks, each segregated for different purposes. This not only ensures proper bandwidth allocation to the devices but also maintains privacy through the separation of the networks. There are many obvious reasons for this, the main one being that you can contain a breach or other incident in one segment, keeping the others safe.

4. Physical Security for Business Security

Lastly, physical security should be in place to prevent tampering with network cabling or other hardware throughout the organization. Configure cipher locks and encrypted proxy cards (physical access) systems to reduce the potential for codes and other data capable of revealing information if stolen.

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